Everything You Can do on Cali

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Everything You Can do on Cali

What can you do in Cali? That is a question that everyone can answer, and probably everyone will, Because Cali is a great place, so full of things to enjoy, full of interesting places and awesome people.

We probably can’t do Cali justice, but we can try, and for that, we will tell you How to enjoy Cali, what are the best places, and of course, we have a special place to sate your Food Tourism needs!

Barrio San Antonio

Starting with our guide to know Cali, we’re starting with Barrio San Antonio, and you won’t regret it

Just close, on the eastern side of the city, You can find Barrio San Antonio, a place that we think is “stopped in time” because it maintains the distinctive aspect of colonial architecture in Colombia.

Exploring the place, you can see narrow streets, full of white facades, with some flashes of color attracting attention; its windows are in iron and its balconies in wood. Also, there are houses with older architectural styles, such as those of the 20s or the Art Deco current.

You can find Barrio San Antonio, bordering the north with Barrio El Peñón, another of Cali’s neighborhoods that are becoming more known, thanks to its gastronomy offer. 

To the East, you can find the Calle Quinta that crosses nine kilometers of the city, as the Grupo Niche song, Cali Ají, tells it.

The San Antonio neighborhood is Awesome, and you have to go to it and enjoy it, don’t ever miss a chance to visit it.

Perhaps one of the best-known attractions that we can find in San Antonio is the Chapel of San Antonio. For more than 250 years, a baroque structure is located at the hill’s highest point, which bears the same name. In the same way, in 2000, it was declared an urban landmark, an area of heritage interest and urban preservation. Without a doubt, a heritage from Cali.

Also, of all the neighborhoods of Cali, this is the best meeting point with great popularity. The city’s panoramic view can be appreciated from there and for the pleasant Pacific breeze.

Your best bet to visit the Chapel is probably on an afternoon weekend, the hill becomes a meeting point where you can enjoy the hill gardens, drink something on the nearby restaurants, even enjoy the show of storytellers, humorous monologues that are exceptionally recommended and are presented in outdoors, free of charge. However, you can always donate something if you like the show.

Cali Zoo

Next on the list, and this one is an amazing one for all of us animal lovers, the Cali Zoo is a place that children, adults, and just about anybody will thoroughly enjoy. It is located within the municipal forest on the Cali River banks, In Carrera 2 Calle 14, Valle del Cauca. You will find approximately 2,500 animals of more than 200 species among amphibians, mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, and butterflies, considered the fourth-best in Latin America.

The staff offers you exceptional services within the zoo if you want to go in a group, especially for schools, to raise awareness in environmental education. The Zoo, a promoter of education and recreation, will make your stay a remarkable memory of one of the tourist places in Cali.

Your tour here could last between three and four hours in which you can entertain, learn, and enjoy. Of course, you cannot enter here with drinks or food. Visiting hours are Monday through Sunday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If you go in the afternoon, you will see the most active animals. Of course, do not forget to wear comfortable clothes.

Cali’s Cristo Rey

Among some of the best attractions that we have visited in Cali, Cristo Rey, a more than 20 meters high statue, is the most memorable location that I have seen in Cali. It is located in Cerro Los Cristales at an elevation of 1,474 meters above sea level, west of Cali. If you are on vacation in Cali, you will be able to walk a paved road from the hill that will take you to the monument of Cristo Rey, and I can tell you that Cristo Rey will welcome you with open arms.

Here you have police surveillance between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., admission is free, and you also have a parking lot and restaurant. So that you have it in mind: this sculpture is visited annually by more than 290 thousand tourists between Colombians and foreigners.

The Cristo Rey was finished in 1953 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Thousand Days War, which was made famous in the city. 

You can use the monument’s location as an excellent viewpoint of the city, which just makes the already gorgeous location into another big moment to live.

Cerro Tres Cruces

Not getting far from the experience of high monuments and excellent viewpoints, we follow up with Cerro de las Tres Cruces, a trendy place with tourists from Colombia or foreigners, especially if you are looking for something new to do in Cali. It is 1,480 meters above sea level and is a space that is considered one of the best tourist places in Cali.

As visitors, we have police security, and there is a lot of ample space for sports lovers to enjoy.

In the Cerro de las Tres Cruces you can see how imposing the monument is because of its three crosses, large and resistant, measuring 420 square meters.

The hill’s name is Morro Pelon, and history says that the Cerro was formed at the beginning of the collapse of El Valle de Aburra millions of years ago.

Las Tres Cruces is close to other hills such as El Volador, La Asomadera, and El Picacho, which are considered the most important in Colombia. They are also good places to visit, as they offer recreation and leisure. If you go in the rainy season, you must be careful because the ground is slippery.

The climb to the top of Cerro de las Tres Cruces costs between half an hour and a little over an hour, depending on our fitness. Every day hundreds of people do this walk in which, in addition to burning a few calories, we were gifted with one of Cali’s best views, which is why it has become one of Cali’s tourist sites preferred by most athletes. At the top, we found sports areas and a lot of food stalls.

“La Caña” Aquapark

One of the most fun experiences We’ve ever had is sure to be the Caña Aquapark, an essential place for tourists in Colombia, with a maximum capacity of 20.00 people, and a great list of attractions for kids and adults alike, like Wave Pools, Water slides, children’s pools, sports courts, mechanical games, a park with fun for toddlers and kids, a lake and many more!

However, you can’t access the park with food, alcoholic drinks, animals, or weapons, and you can count on a staff that will help you with information and tours for every attraction.

Chipichape Mall

A location that isn’t exactly a tourism place, but it’s undoubtedly a very popular place for tourists and locals.

The Chipichape Shopping Center is located in Cali, Colombia’s financial district, precisely on 38th and 35th streets between sixth and eighth avenues. It is close to the Home Center Carvajal company, just 15 minutes from the Pacific Convention Center and 30 minutes from Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport.

In Chipichape, named after a huge railway station, you have 480 shops. Some of the best known are:

Catalina Duque.

Branding Shoes, Azzur.


You can visit the cinema multi-theaters, which have seven different rooms to enjoy and watch movies with family or friends.  And if that wasn’t enough, here you can stroll through the best places to eat in Cali and entertainment for all ages. One of the best things about the mall is that it is adapted for people with less mobility, making it the right place for everyone.

Pance River

A prevalent location with plenty of things to offer, the Pance River is one of Cali’s ecological destinations, distinguished by its cold and crystalline waters that you can take advantage of if you are a hiker and observe the various species that characterize it as welcoming.

In the Pance River, you will have the opportunity to choose between different places to eat and recreate with a family, partner, friends, or in a private way. Here you can have fun in a park called La Vorágine, which is visited by tourists in the middle of the year who take a tour of:

  • The monument to the River Cat by Hernando Tejada y las gatas
  • The monument to María Mulata.
  • Barrio Terrón Colorado.
  • Sale of goat milk, a gastronomic offer in a way to the sea
  • The San Antonio fog forest


If you are a nature lover, you can enjoy an environment full of peace and tranquility in this park. And if you want to spend a few days in Cali, you have the option of staying at Hotel La Sultana.

Parque del Perro

Almost at the end of our guide, and we’re leaving the best for last, and now, we want to talk about Parque del Perro.

Parque del Perro is a plaza in honor of Teddy, a dog who, in 1950, bit a boy who was in the company of other young people, and, out of revenge, he decided to poison him. Its owner decided to acquire the corresponding permits and build a park in honor of the dog, located in Barrio San Fernando, on Third Street with Carrera 36 in Cali.

In Parque del Perro, considered one of Cali’s best tourism sites, you can enjoy and relax because, in addition to being an open area, it is a space for healthy recreation for the whole family.

Here you will have free WiFi connectivity, in the mornings you can do exercises such as jogging, while at night you will have the option to enjoy several restaurant options, among them:

  • Cheers pizzeria.
  • Teddy’s.
  • Archies.
  • Subway.

It is also one of the best places to celebrate birthdays with friends and family in Cali, and even one of the best options to have breakfast, giving you freedom among the various options near the park.

“Barrio Granada”

Probably one of our preferred places to go and party, if you are a nightlife lover and are on vacation in Cali, your best bet for a visit is indeed Barrio Granada. Barrio Granada has some of the best offers and numbers of Discos, bars, restaurants, and more to enjoy on your trip.

Barrio Granada, located in Cali, has the most renowned haute couture warehouses and workshops. To top it off, you can find nearby the Granada Real Hotel that offers an extensive gastronomic offer that includes Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, and Colombian food.

You also have different places to eat in Cali, specifically in the Granada neighborhood:

Viu Burger Bar.

Route 66.


Among the rumba places in Cali in this neighborhood, you have:

Juan Pachanga.

Bebedero Guaro and Tequila  .

The Matraca.

La Tusa.

Many more.

We do tell you, Barrio Granada is possibly the best nightlife area. It has a wide range of clubs and restaurants, where although salsa is never lacking, you can also find other more international options. Rain Club, Aurora Record Store, or Penthouse 1800 are among the best nightclubs in Cali. And the Ringlete or D´Toluca among the best restaurants in the city.

Boulevard del Rio

Now for a more relaxed place to go, we have Boulevard Del Rio, a very relaxing place for people who just love to walk outdoors—located in Avenida, Colombia. For Cali residents, the boulevard, considered one of Cali’s historical sites, changed from noise to tranquility and is a place of recreation for young and old. If you are looking for security, serenity, and a cold climate, you must take a walk here.

Here you can eat what you want because you have different restaurants, also observe the caleñas, take pictures, appreciate the Gothic architecture, the bust dedicated to the Haitian hero Alexandre Pétion and several sculptures of the Gato de Tejada, and even participate in various cultural events that are held here performed at different times of the year.

One of its attractions for tourists is that the boulevard is adorned with beautiful lights during the Christmas season. Also, there are nearby sales of typical foods, while for others, it is considered “the most beautiful street in Cali.”

Iglesia La Ermita

And to end our guide for Cali’s best locations, we end with Cali’s most beautiful structure. If you love Religious sculptures, you can visit the Iglesia la Ermita de Cali, located in the center of the city, on Avenida Colombia in Carrera 1 with Calle 13. 

The Temple was built to replace the chapel that existed in the year 1602 and was destroyed by an earthquake that affected the city in 1787. From this tragedy, only the figure of the Lord of the Cane survived, and, since then, he is the most venerated figure in La Ermita, and various miracles are attributed to him.

La Ermita is considered one of the sites of interest in Cali. You will be able to observe several architectural components brought from different parts of the world, among them, the temple bells that were brought from France, and inside are the images that date back 300 years:

Virgin of the Sorrows.

San Roque.

Christ of the Cane.

San Francisco Javier.

After your encounter with God, you will be able to stroll down Colombia Avenue and taste ice cream, fruits, and “cholao,” which is a kind of shaved ice typical of Cali.

Cali is much more than you think.

Suppose you plan to know and enjoy a vacation in the city of Cali. In that case, you have different options that will make your stay an unforgettable experience, due to its landscapes, historical and cultural monuments, parks, churches, restaurants, culture, history, and also For those who are lovers of the rumbas, they have ideal spaces to enjoy the nightlife.

For sightseeing in Cali, you have various spaces for wholesome entertainment, for diversity, for young and old tastes. Also with hotels so that you can stay and walk through this city that Colombia gives away, is that traveling to Cali is like one of its best tourist sites so that you return as many times as you want, staying in some of the hotels and spending a stay for the memory.

Having Fun in Cali

If you visit Cali, you cannot miss out on a tour of some of its clubs; the best areas to party in Cali are in Juanchito, Menga, and in general throughout the city, like in Barrio Granada.

Nightclubs in Cali

In Cali, we party from Wednesday to Sunday, and the best clubs have their rumba day selected; for example, if you want good salsa, you can go to Zaperoco on Thursdays, known as the temple of salsa in Cali.

At Living Night Club, another of the renowned nightclubs in Cali, the party begins on Wednesdays with its famous salsa Wednesdays.

La topa tolondra is a traditional place in the salsa culture, where you can enjoy salsa combined with bolero, live salsa, and hard salsa. Keep in mind that there are classes with the Cali dance schools on Mondays.

On Sundays, you cannot miss the old disco at the “La Caña” Aquapark, where salsa lovers meet at 2:00 in the afternoon to dance to the rhythm of traditional salsa songs.

On the first Saturday of each month, the most massive salsa audition in the city occurs, with a free event in which salsa lovers gather to enjoy live music.

If you have the opportunity to go to the Delirio tent, it is something that you will not forget in your life, since it is a unique show in the world for salsa lovers.

In Delirio, many dancing artists leave everything on stage in a show in the best broadway-style with a mixture of salsa, circus, rhythm, and poetry.

And How About the Food?

In Cali, food is the least of your worries, from fried delights such as Empanadas, also known as Fritangas, including Aborrajados and Marranitas, Sweet and Sour drinks like Lulada or Champús, and much more.

Here we will present you with some of these dishes that you can find in the city, and if you’re hungry after reading, we’ll guide you on this one.


It is the Cali drink par excellence. Some will think it is a typical “lulo juice,” but no. This elixir of the gods of Valle del Cauca has other ingredients and a special preparation that makes it unique and delicious. Its main component is lulo (a lot of lulo) mixed with lemon, sugar, panela, and a lot of ice becomes this refreshing drink that everyone has to try.


We accept that not all people like champús, but they do not fully understand it. Although it is a “drink,” it has so much that it looks more like soup. Serves to drink and eat at the same time. Other fools confuse it with the lulada. It’s not the case. Although it also has lulo, the champús are much more elaborate. They have many ingredients where panela syrup, pineapple, corn, cinnamon, cloves, and the secret ingredient stands out: sour orange leaves. Serve chilled, with a little ice, and enjoy.


A Term to mix several fried dishes, some that you mostly eat when you see it on a stall, or maybe some that you can even prepare yourself due to their simple nature.

Three of these dishes excel from the rest: Aborrajados, Marranitas, and Empanadas.

Marranitas: they are a ball-shaped banana stuffed with pork rinds. Fattening and delicious. The banana must be just right, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside; that’s the key. They are not easy to do, so finding great ones is quite a challenge.

Empanadas: these are perhaps the most common as they are found throughout Colombia and in many other Latin American countries. However, in each state and region, they make them differently, which is the secret of the valluna empanadas. They are corn dumplings stuffed with a stew made with potatoes, meat, onion, garlic, tomato, and other little things. Accompany them with typical chili (which is not Mexican chili at all or anything like that).

Aborrajados: These are the best in our book, and they don’t hold any mystery. They are ripe (very sweet) bananas stuffed with white cheese (mozzarella). The mixture is breaded and fried and then enjoyed hot enough so that the cheese comes out melted. It is exquisite. Just try to get one that is not so fried because they lose their grace when they are already very oily. Well-made ones are sure to be your favorites (if you like sweets, of course).


This is perhaps the jewel in the crown of typical Vallecaucan and Cali food. This is something that identifies us at the national level. Be careful; it is not a “raspao” or typical slush because a slush can be achieved everywhere, and that is only shaved ice with flavored syrups. The cholado has that, but its main characteristic is the assortment of fruits added to it—a little of everything. Tropical fruits, mostly. For those who like sweets, it is accompanied with condensed milk, a big lot of it.

Chicken Sancocho

Already entering the main dishes, the king in Valle del Cauca is the sancocho de gallina. This is a massive plate with all points. The best is the one made on a wood stove, and it gives it a special touch. It is a dish whose main base is a chicken broth and a little of everything: potato, yucca, ripe, cob. It is also usually accompanied by a different dish with rice and avocado. Another key is to add coriander and cimarrón leaves to the broth; it gives it a special touch.


An every day/every time kind of food, almost usually eaten in breakfast, right off the oven and warm. This kind of bread is something that you can find in most of Colombia with many mixes, but in Cali, it is almost a religion to eat it.

A dough made of cornflour, starch, and cheese. They have various forms and sizes, but the best way to eat it is with a good milk coffee.


Chinchulín, chunchullo or chunchurria, a whole ‘gastronomic ode’ belonging to the emporium of fast street food, hot oil, and our ancestors’ tradition in the Andean region. The term comes from the Quechua word “Ch’unchul,” which means intestine.

Its characteristic stench permeates in an unfading way in the wind that blows tirelessly through downtown Cali’s streets. It is the magician’s secret weapon behind the grill to attract and call his customers. It is all a psychological act through the senses.

The chunchullo is prepared from the small intestine of bovine cattle and sometimes from ovine cattle.

You can grill it, cook it, fry it; this meaty ingredient is a mark in every food, and you should try it by yourself and be rewarded by its flavor.

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